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Our Services

Our services are designed to suit your needs. Our complete Panagreat Blueprint will give you ALL the information and options available to you. We will answer questions you haven’t even thought of asking!

Free Services:

In 2012 Panama introduced their Friendly Nations Visas, offering citizens of 50 countries easy and affordable permanent residency into Panama. South Africa is one of those countries. Due to the state of our economy and government, South Africans in particular have been making use of this opportunity to seek greener pastures in a safe country with a strong economy (US Dollar as currency) without BEE, quotas or state capture. Due to the issues in SA, nobody can tell how long Panama will keep SA on this list. If you are looking to escape, we suggest you make use of this opportunity before SA is removed.

At PanaGreat we are here to help make the process of relocating to Panama a smooth one, and much easier to understand and complete. We have tried to keep our fees to a minimum, and we have kept crucial services for free.

Crucial Services for free include:

· Free PowerPoint Presentation on Panama and the Friendly Nations Visa. Download Here
· Free quote on immigration and legal fees from Panamanian law firm, as required by Panama Immigration. Click here to request quote
· Information YouTube Channel. Click here 
· Free Apostille Chart Flow. Download Here
· Member of our WhatsApp group (120 members and growing) to share and get advice. Click here for code to be added to the group and get direct and honest information and advice from South Africans living in Panama.

PanaGreat is the only one of its kind with offices in Panama and South Africa, and the ONLY source of trusted information about Panama. We guarantee a successful application for Permanent Residency in Panama if all our steps and requirements are adhered to, and we also guarantee that it will be at the best possible price. NO other firm, person or Facebook group is willing to guarantee that.

The most important part of the process is the Permanent Residency Application through a Panamanian Law Firm. We have requested quotes, spoke to and interviewed lawyers (and their clients from 11 law firms in Panama. We identified the best and most cost-effective law firm in Panama – Expat Immigration Services Panama. There is no doubt that they are the best – very professional, ethical, friendly and extremely helpful AND English-speaking.

We help clients get in touch with them and assist you to manage the legal side of getting permanent residency in Panama. They are the only law firm that give discount to South Africans as they are aware of the situation in the country. PanaGreat also negotiated further discount on the cost of registering your corporation, only available to PanaGreat clients. Quote PANAGREAT20 to qualify for the corporation discount, and CC The discount is automatically applied if we request the quote on your behalf. We kept this quotation and management service free in order to save you and your family up to a R100 000 on legal fees. Click Here to get your obligation-free quote.


These services are completely obligation-free. Through 2 years of research, personal visits to Panama as well as an office in Panama, we are the only source of trusted information about Panama. There is a lot of information out there, some of it true, much of it just misleading and incorrect.

All our service providers have been vetted and met with personally to ensure we are dealing with the best. From law firms to estate agents, travel agents, English schools, etc. 

Paid Services:

Apostille Service & Access to Advisor:

To have your own advisor available 7 days a week to guide you and answer any number of questions on subjects like International Schools, cost of living, Public Transport, the right place for you and your family to stay, business opportunities and much more, a fee of R990 is charged. This service is valid from payment to your arrival in Panama, however long that may be. You will also have access to our office in Panama on pertinent questions on any specific subjects you may have. Included is a free Apostille service.

2Hr Personal Consultation, Apostille Service & Access to Advisor:

All of the above with an added benefit of a 2 hour personal consultation via Skype or similar is charged at R1 900.

Transfer / Shuttle Service:

Available from Tocumen Airport to your accommodation. Please request quote. Fees are in line with Uber and Yellow Taxi service, but done by English & Afrikaans speaking South African. You can also request to have a pre-loaded Panamanian sim card delivered to you when you make use of this service.

Accommodation in Panama City:

PANA House

You can stay in Panama City in our PANA House. Private room with en-suite bathroom, aircon and free Wi-Fi and parking. Accommodation is free, but a Panama Orientation fee per person will be charged prior to stay. Fees start from $35 / day for a single person, and $40 / day for a couple.

Boquete Welcome

We will arrange a Boquete Welcome and plan your Boquete trip for you. From car hire to accommodation, sights to see, best places to shop and even a traditional Panamanian lunch. This will be done with your budget in mind. The package can be tailor-made to suit you, for example if you are interested in schooling we can arrange visits to local schools. Packages start from $50.

Coronado Orientation

Coronado is a popular destination as it is a great coastal town, but close enough to Panama City to be comfortable. For parents with kids to be schooled, Coronado have 3 International English schools in the area and all the amenities you may require. As with our Boquete Welcome, we can tailor-make your package to suit your needs.

Other Services

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